• Wall Pilates With Emmeline

    Wall Pilates Beginners read on to learn more…

  • What is Wall Pilates?

    Wall Pilates is Pilates as you know it but using a wall for support, resistance and proprioceptive feedback.

    The only equipment you may need is an exercise mat for comfort on hard flooring.


    Emmeline teaching Wall Pilates in the Green Room Health Studio


    What is Pilates?

    Pilates as a system of exercise is respected worldwide for it’s safe and effective mind-body exercise building on the essence and principles of the late Joseph Pilates’ work.

    Whilst this Wall Pilates course I devised is obviously not designed by Joseph Pilates himself; it is made with these 6 principles in mind.

    Breath, Concentration, Centre, Control, Precision and Flow.

    And underpinned by my movement teaching experience of over 20 years.

  • Emmeline demonstrates a side lying Wall Pilates exercise for the wall Pilates Beginners

  • Who is Pilates for?

    Pilates is for you if you wish to mindfully improve your body confidence, strength, mobility and flexibility.

    Pilates is for you if the ‘Go Hard Or Go Home’ approach is NOT working for you.

    Pilates is for you, if you want to learn foundational movements that will support you to enjoy your work and hobbies pain free.

  • Can Wall Pilates help you lose weight?


    Wall Pilates can indeed help you lose weight by increasing your muscle mass, improving your posture (which naturally gives a flattering silhouette) and ease aches and pains allowing for more movement day to day.


    Combining a nutritious balanced diet with a healthy & positive mindset will aid weight loss in combination with regular exercise. If you need assistance with diet and mindset I am happy to refer you to trusted professionals in these areas.


    Wall Pilates with Emmeline in your own home

  • How to do Wall Pilates with Emmeline?


    All you need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone with wifi access to follow my videos from your home or place of work.


    My 8-week course will give you access to a new 10 minute Wall Pilates video every 3 days.


    If you need a rest from the current video (sore hips and glutes after video 5 – you have been warned…) then you can go back to a previous video you enjoyed that works a different set of muscles.

  • What do you get when you sign up for the course?


    You get a total of 18 videos over the course of 8 weeks.


    You get access to the course materials (videos) for 10 weeks to allow for challenges that life throws your way.


    You get free access to a private Facebook group for accountability and support from me and others like you who are enjoying the Wall Pilates course.

  • Sounds Good Right?


    If you want to sign up but still need reassurance that this is THE course for YOU then pop your name and email address in here to receive the first Four videos in your email inbox for FREE!


  • Ab curls with feet on the wall helps make Pilates easier with Emmeline at Green Room Health

    What happens when I have completed the course?


    When you have completed the course you will be invited to join one of my Mindful Movement With Emmeline online membership options:


    MMWE On Demand – Access a growing library of over 195 workout and stretch videos.


    MMWE Unlimited – Access the library as above AND join Live Zoom workout and stretch sessions with me via Zoom.


    Unlimited joiners have access to me via a free WhatsApp group where I pop live session reminders, new video updates and keep the chat going to keep you motivated.


    Either way, if you really loved the Wall Pilates then you will be able to access those videos for the duration of your membership and much MUCH more!