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    You can join STOTT Pilates Classes and book STOTT Pilates Personal Training sessions with me, Emmeline Kemp, at my Pilates Studio in Danbury, near Chelmford, in Essex.

    Also available are Beginners Pilates classes in the nearby Essex villages of Woodham Ferrers and Barre Workout classes in Maldon.

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  • What kind of exercise is STOTT Pilates?

    STOTT Pilates is a Contemporary approach to mindful movement; meaning you, as a mover, feel the exercises you are learning and perfecting are having a direct and positive influence on how your body feels day to day.

    In class we address the modern day stresses you put your bodies under including text neck, text wrist, rounded shoulders, prolonged sitting, crossing of legs, painful yet attractive footwear.

    Familiar exercises such as abdominal curls, side bends and planks are interspersed with less familiar STOTT Pilates exercises such as Rolling Like a Ball, Hundred and Swimming.

    These Pilates exercises are performed after a warm up to prepare your body and mind for the exercises which are performed in an order based upon the original 34 mat based exercises from the book ‘Return to Life’ by Joseph Pilates 100 years ago. Joseph Pilates was truly ahead of his time!

  • Why is STOTT Pilates so popular?

    STOTT Pilates is respected worldwide for it’s safe and effective mind-body exercise building on the essence and principles of the late Joseph Pilates’ work by incorporating the latest body knowledge.

    STOTT Pilates instructors maintain their hard earned certification through annual training courses in order to keep up to date with the latest findings regards the body including fascial fitness.

    Believe me the tuition, case studies and exams are rigorous and not all students pass their exam. But then that’s what keeps STOTT Pilates a cut above the rest.

    It’s been 10 years since I trained with Merrithew at YMCA in London to become a Certified STOTT Pilates instructor in 2013.

    Learn about my journey that took me to become to be the STOTT Pilates, Total Barre and Fascial Movement instructor I am today:

    Emmeline Kemp STOTT Pilates Instructor

  • Emmeline Kemp STOTT Pilates Instructor and owner of Green Room Health in Danbury Essex
    Teaching well takes attention to detail, passion and focus: You are important and worth taking care of.
  • Celebrities including Margot Robbie, Jennifer Anniston and Sly Stallone have all benefited from their regular dedication to the Pilates method:

    Celebrity Pilates Fans

  • Is STOTT Pilates for me?

    You will know if ‘STOTT Pilates is for me’ if you resonate with any of the following:

    I like to be able to ask questions.

    It’s important I feel supported to do my best.

    Feeling safe and in control is vital for me.

    I want to learn exercises suited to my individual needs.

    Being part of a community of fellow curious humans motivates me.

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  • Happy chatty movers enjoying coffee after STOTT Pilates at Green Room Health with Emmeline
    Movers come for the banter as well as the STOTT Pilates classes
  • How many times a week should I do STOTT Pilates?

    Three times a week is ideal: Happily not all three sessions need be with your instructor in person.

    You can opt for online Zoom sessions, to train using an On Demand library (mine has 195 videos for you to play with at home) or simply practice what you remember when you can.

    It feels good to get moving and you will find a rhythm that fits in around your other commitments.

    A popular Joseph Pilates quote:

    “In ten sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a new body.” Joseph Pilates 1880 – 1967

    I broke down the splendid Joseph Pilates quote above for you…

    If you practise Pilates once a week:
    Feel the difference in 2.5 months.
    See the difference in 5 months.
    New body in 7.5 months.

    If you practise Pilates twice a week:
    Feel the difference in 5 weeks.
    See the difference in 10 weeks.
    New body in 15 weeks.

    If you practise Pilates three times a week:
    Feel the difference in just over 3 weeks.
    See the difference in just over 7 weeks.
    New body in 10 weeks.

    This doesn’t all have to be in the studio with a qualified Pilates teacher BUT newcomers to Pilates will benefit from additional tuition in the early days of studying this method.

    Results don’t just HAPPEN. With repeated mindful practice (in the studio and at home) you can find that elusive ‘mind body connection’.

    Pilates is the great enabler whatever your age. It will allow you to enjoy your exercise and hobbies as opposed to dreading the onset of pain due to them.

  • Teaching STOTT Pilates methods of mindful movement at Green Room Health in Danbury Essex
    Learning new ways of moving is painless and can even be fun…
  • How can I do well in STOTT Pilates?

    Book in and turn up to your STOTT Pilates class!

    It really is as simple as that to start with as there is no competitive element to STOTT Pilates.

    You will quickly notice that you have strengths (and areas requiring improvement) that differ from others in your classes or personal training sessions.

    It is through repetition and learning variations of each exercise that you will see, feel and enjoy your progress.

    Luckily for you there are a myriad of props and techniques we can use to help you reach your goals. Click here to view the best Pilates equipment you can buy (as tested by me and my clients) to keep doing your STOTT Pilates exercises from home:

    What Pilates Equipment Do You Really Need

  • Still not sure what to expect? Here is a STOTT Pilates based warm up you can try at home:

    * Please be mindful that you should consult your GP or medical specialist regarding the applicability of any recommendations and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program. When participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself.
  • Where are STOTT Pilates classes in Essex near me?

    You can join my STOTT Pilates classes in Danbury near Chelmsford, Woodham Ferrers near South Woodham Ferrers and Bicknacre.

    During term time you can join Pilates for Beginners and Improvers 1.30pm to 2.30pm on Mondays at Woodham Ferrers Village Hall.

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    Total Tailored Transformation Pilates Courses are held during term term. These courses are limited to 4 joiners and comprise of a once weekly Face to Face class supported by online learning via my video library of over 195 workouts and stretches PLUS 4 Zoom sessions a week.

    Learn more about Total Tailored Transformation courses here:

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    If you do not see any STOTT Pilates classes near you and you know a suitable venue that you love; do drop me an email: Email Emmeline Now

    I am happy to travel to nearby Essex Villages including Bicknacre, Boreham, Little Baddow, Great Baddow, Woodham Walter, Sandon, East Hanningfield, West Hanningfield and Howe Green to name just a few.