• Fascial Movement

    Do you sometimes feel stuck in your head and disconnected with your body?

    If you would like to feel graceful and at ease in your body then you should try Fascial Movement.

    You may be wondering… What is fascia?

    Fascia is a web-like connective tissue that connects and encompasses every cell, organ and muscle. Some like to think of it as a soft skeleton.

    Fascia literally holds us together and gives us our shape. But it does even more than that…

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    Read on to learn about Fascial Movement…

    It’s surprisingly simple and fun to learn these methods that impart body knowledge and spark a youthful curiosity about your own body.

    Here are three short exercises I shared on my Instagram IGTV for you to see some of what you can learn:

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    In a Fascial Movement session you will learn how to do the following:

    Consciously Invigorate or Calm your Central Nervous System.

    Gently release adhesions in the body to allow for easier movement.

    Improve your proprioception AKA body awareness.

    Rehydrate your tissues to aid easy breathing.

    Want to see more?

    I have put together 20 minutes of Fascial Movement exercises for you to try whenever you wish:

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