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What Pilates equipment do you really need?

So you want to invest in Pilates equipment to use at home…

But what Pilates equipment do you really need and why?

Pilates Equipment

I’ll be honest with you here. Joseph Pilates designed his original series of 34 exercises with only a mat. But he also invented the Pilates Circle in the 1920s, a commonly used piece of Pilates equipment!

Nowadays you will find Pilates teachers making use of additional small equipment to both challenge you and enable you to work your way through the Pilates mat work series.

The images below are clickable links for your convenience but do shop around as there always deals to be found online!

Let’s Hit The Mat

If you have a thin yoga mat you’ll be fine but if you have cold or uncomfortable flooring and the budget then go for a 1cm foam mat for extra comfort.

Plus the thicker mats make a very good foam roller replacement when rolled on the diagonal. See my blog for how to do this handy Pilates hack:

Pilates Equipment - Mat


Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands are versatile and easy to roll up and store until you want them next.

Go for a medium resistance band as it’s a great all rounder. Add a strong band if you want variety.

See my blog for exercises you can do with your resistance band to improve your flexibility:


Pilates Equipment - Resistance Bands

Mini Stability Balls

Mini stability or Pilates balls can be used to aid abdominal connection when you pop it behind your shoulders for ab curls, for improved back extension when placed under the breastbone and inside thigh/pelvic floor connection when placed between the knees to name just a few ways you can use these wonder balls!

See my youtube video for a mini workout using a 9 inch red mini stability ball:



Pilates Equipment - Mini Stability Balls

Fitness Circle

The Fitness Circle has many other names including the Pilates Ring, the Magic Circle or laughingly the Ring of Fire!

Commonly placed between the knees this item (originally invented by Joseph Pilates himself in the 1920s)  can be used for shoulder stability work, lats engagement, abductors and more. I particularly enjoy using mine for the side kick and side leg lift series.

Head on over to my Instagram page to see lots of ideas for how I use this much loved piece of equipment:


Pilates Equipment - Resistance Ring


Soft Hand Weights

Nowadays hand-weights come in many shapes and sizes but none so versatile as these round, sand filled beauties.

Pilates Exercise ideas:

Try a shoulder bridge with your feet on the hand-weights.

Challenge your box or plank with hands on the hand-weights.

Pilates Equipment - Soft Hand Weights

Foam Roller

Since certifying as a Merrithew Fascial Movement Instructor my foam roller obsession has been off the charts!

Why? This is one of many reasons but… DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness can be completely awful but if you follow your workouts with some rolling you will be rewarded with quicker recovery. Allowing you to get on with what you love to do!

Most people will have a short and painfully bumpy roller hiding in a corner. But do consider investing in a smooth 90cm roller. So much more versatility!

If you want to learn more about Fascia then head on over to my blog here: What is Fascia? Where is Fascia found in the body?


Pilates Equipment Foam Roller


Hopefully I have given you some extra insight and confidence about what you should be looking for but if in doubt do check with your instructor before making any purchases!

If you are looking for a new class to join… Yes, even in the middle of a pandemic! Our spines still want to get moving  and in fact joining a Pilates or Barre class is the best thing you can do to support your frazzled central nervous system.

Learning to mindfully modify your breathing and body movements even just once a week will have a knock on effect. The body and brain need time to learn and adjust. Let’s get you started ASAP!

Excited about learning Pilates but not sure where to start?

You can learn Pilates with me 1-2-1 in the studio in person or online.

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Plus I teach online small group classes as follows:

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