Pilates at home: Mobilise your spine to feel great…

Pilates at home: Mobilise your spine to feel great…

The best way to support the amazing work you do in your Green Room Health Pilates studio class with me (Emmeline) is to bring your Pilates learning home with you.

Pilates at home is simple to do: Let’s start by analysing your daily movements:

How often do you perform sidebends over the course of a day?

How often do you bend forwards?

How often do you twist?

I’ll bet you bend sideways the least!

Our spines need a balance of all 3 planes of motion to be healthy but the forward flexion movement (sagital) is the one we use the most. The twist (transverse) is second. And side bend (lateral flexion) the least used. *I’ll save extensions for another time*

Let’s balance you out by adding some more lateral flexion into your daily routine!

Try a simple standing side bend. Sliding one arm down the side of your thigh on the same side or holding onto a solid surface. Repeating on the other side… You can do this seated too!

If you have a resistance or flex band lying around then go get it:

Stand with your feet shoulder distance apart in the centre of your band. Hold the ends with enough resistance so that you can feel your arms being pulled downwards but you are not in pain. Now gently tilt over to the right then back up and the same again to your left side. Let your head follow the gentle bend of your spine.

Or grab yourself a mini stability ball and try my latest mini video (join my Green Room Health mailing list to receive a link) with side lying – side bends and rotations. You will feel so stretched out and breath easier after these exercises. Mobilise your spine to feel great! Ahhhhh!

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