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What do you do in a Barre class?

What do you do in a Barre class?

Barre class is a dynamic ballet dance based workout that focuses on strength, flexibility, stamina and core stability, through a combination of Pilates, dance, cardio, and strength training.


The following details what you will learn in a Barre class:


1. A simple warm up moving the spine in all planes of movement whilst focussing on the breath and it’s effect on the movement.


2. Lower body warm up including squats, toe rises and pliés AKA knee bends with the legs in a turned out position.


3. Upper body strength and endurance with hand weights or resistance bands.


4. Lower body strength and stability whilst increasing mobility of the hips. Standing side and back leg lifts for example.


5. Cardio Legs increasing the range of motion, repetitions and speed movements include leg kicks and curtseys.


6. Mat based floor work including Pilates abdominal strengthening, spine and shoulder girdle stabilisation and strength training. Finishing with gentle stretching and relaxation.


All choreographed to uplifting and energising music that makes you want to move.


Here is a 1 minute video that will give you a visual idea of what we get up to in my Total Barre class:


What equipment do I need to take part?

Using small equipment enhances your body awareness so you will want to get ready the following:

1. Chair or similar to function as a ‘barre’.

2. Resistance Band – or stretchy tights.

3. Hand Weights – or water bottles or tins.

4. Mini Pilates Ball – or a toy football or sofa cushion.

The above small equipment items are low cost as can be used for various exercise classes including Pilates. A worthwhile investment!

See my blog for information about where you can find these items:  What Pilates Equipment Do You Really Need

See my Youtube video here for what you can use for Barre class and why:


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